Thursday, December 11, 2008


and here is my final, remote.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

FInal Vector

This is my final. I worked on it a lot and I can't really say i had inspiration from anything. I just tried what is best and I have a lot of variations of this. Some with a lot of paint spatter, different colors, anything. I ended thinking that it was overall too busy, so I just made the background smaller, and kept the white around it. I think it opens it up more, but i dont want people to think its so the rest of the picture can bleed out from it. Actually I don't know what i want people to think of it, but I like it.



Bellpeppa Update

I'm kinda disappointed in this one because at first it was coming along really well and i was proud of it, but then i think I went a bit too crazy with the mesh and I just tried to pack to much detail into it and it overwhelmed me, and so its slightly unfinished. Slightly. But overall, I think it came out somewhat ok.

Bottled Mesh

Flower Bouquet Update

I added a little vase and the stems and i also tried to skew and morph the flowers a little bit to give them a little angle and perspective, but I'm not sure if it worked out.